What a great weekend that was – 100 Santas on bikes was something else – all credit to Rose of Cornwall Hospice Care in conjunction with the Padstow Christmas Festival for a well organised and well run event. I think that put a smile on a lot of people’s faces.

It is a shame that the weather did not do us any favours on the day but I think the newly surfaced sections will have helped prevent the Santas being too mud splattered.

 Writing of the weather it is so unpredictable at the moment – I wandered down to Padstow today in glorious warm sunshine it was a little crisp to start off with but that is the magic of this time of the year – very few people on the Trail and a welcoming hot drink and a mince pie Harbourside – the perfect way to spend the day.

 I guess with the holidays coming up more people will have the opportunity to experience winter on the Camel Trail, now if I can just organise the weather as well that would be good.

 Safe Cycling,


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